Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deco's T.Yang.

I'm going to have to explain this one in detail...
Deco is an...artificial human-computer sort of OC of mine. She's got a major snooty, high-classy, lady-like personality, with the exception of her love of excessively-large weapons. RPG-heroes-use-pocket-knives-in-comparison-excessive. She has a small arsenal to keep her hands from getting dirty.

The gun featured is the "Truth-Yang (T.Yang/T.Y. for short)". There is another, identical gun (Order-Yin/O.Yin/O.Y.) to make up her set of twin "pistols". The only difference is the inverted colors. The gun itself is large and very heavy; it's almost impossible to carry, let alone use, with one a normal person. Depending on how long it charges, it can fire a no-recoil beam, or a quick shotgun-like burst with recoil; the recoil has been designed to have enough force to charge enough for another shot, giving in semi-automatic qualities.

1. Shows the gun in a neutral state; when like this it needs to be loaded or is ready to be fired. 2. Charging/loading. 3. Front view. 4. Back view. 5. Ammo (battery) 6a. Held pistol-style b. Shotgun-style c. Cannon-style.

I won't go into the concept and shet until I make an artbook or something
for it. D:(

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